What's New

Version 2.4 09/01/22
Updates & Additions
  • Added Contextual Alerts component to create an alert variation for inline usage
  • Added Expand / Collapse Control component
  • Updated the Button component with the following:
    • Added code to resize the icons according to the Button size
    • Updated the Usage page to reflect the hierarchy changes for the Buttons
  • Added IAA Logo to the Log In Module
  • Removed the title tag from the SVG icon as needed
  • Updated Data List label light from #999 to #666 for better readability
  • Fixed Segment Control bug in logo page
  • Bug fixes on Modals and Panels. Updated the cancel / close button to the correct one
Version 2.3 04/28/22
Updates & Additions
  • Updated the button components with the following:
    • Visual updates for secondary and tertiary buttons to improve visual hierarchy
    • Accessibility updates for all disabled buttons states to improve readability
  • Upgraded the Layout Grid System to Bootstrap 5 which is built with Flexbox properties
  • Optimized the code for Segment Controls and Tabs for mobile usage
  • Added spacing utility classes to support RTL layouts
  • Bug fixes on Accordions, Data Lists, Alerts and Module Pages (active state)
Version 2.2 10/28/21
Updates & Additions
  • Added usage documentation for the following modules and components: Header, Footer, Login and Data List
  • Updated all components to be compliant with the WCAG accessibility standards:
    • Adequate color contrast
    • Visual focus indicators
  • Added new icons to the Iconography library
  • Bug fixes on Modals, Panels and Icons
Version 2.1 07/01/21
Updates & Additions
  • Added new Modules section. Modules are are more complex elements that consist of multiple components. The following modules have been added:
    • Header
    • Footer
    • Login
  • Added the Data List component
  • Added code examples for Mobile Data Tables
  • Updated the Date Picker component to change how dates are presented so they are more internationally friendly
  • Fixed a bug in the Date Picker component so the code copying feature will work
Version 1.4.1 11/12/20
Updates & Additions
  • Expanded the usage documentation for the following components: Alerts, Badges, Buttons, Checkboxes, Data Tables, Dropdowns, Forms, Modals, Panels, Popovers and Tooltips
  • Created code and usage pages for Text Links
  • Colors page was updated with a simpler version of the color swatches. In addition, the usage section was revamped to include examples of color usage
  • A mobile navigation was added and images/tables were optimized for mobile devices
  • A new IAA Logo page was added that includes downloadable files as well as usage examples for IAA's logo
  • An additional clases table was added to outline classes not displayed in the code examples
  • Bug fixes for panels (sizes and mobile display)
Version 1.4 04/16/20
Updates & Additions
  • Typography updates including:
    • Addition of 8 heading options
    • Roboto Condensed was added to create greater visual hierarchy in page headings
    • Additional font size classes
  • Expanded the usage of red as an active/hover color
  • Updated buttons with square corners to create greater differentiation between buttons and inputs
  • Links have been updated to dark gray and underlined
  • Addition of a new advanced dropdown option that allows for multi column content
  • Restructured the standard data container (now advanced data table) to work with Flexbox which allows for more complex features
  • Upgraded the Javascript frameworks to jQuery 3.4.1 and Bootstrap 3.4.1
  • Iconography additions and updates
  • Access to previous versions of the library (down to 1.3)
Version 1.3 07/25/19
Updates & Additions
  • New Page Layout Templates for quicker development of new product pages
  • New Utilities section with documented helper classes for fast, easy development of those “one-off” design obstacles
  • Addition of focus states for checkboxes and radio buttons
  • New copy feature for all code snippets to quickly copy and paste
  • Bug fixes and documentation updates
Version 1.2 09/12/18
Updates & Additions
  • New "Getting Started" page to help teams understand how to implement the design system
  • New usage and guideline documentation has been created for all components and style elements to help others understand the principles for implementation
  • Updated the informational alert component to improve readability
  • Updated the cancel button style to provide more contrast
  • New component added - action button with dropdown menu
Version 1.1 01/18/18
Updates & Additions
  • Color palette expanded
  • Expanded the existing color selections and included notation of what the colors should mean and how they can be used
  • Defined the usage of badges/tags/counts colors and styles
  • Added a robust dropdown control that allows for custom content in both the selection and option features
  • Added a lighter, simpler styled version of a sub navigation control
  • Added a button that has no border and appears as a text link
  • Added a standardized breadcrumb control
Version 1.0 09/27/17
Updates & Additions
  • Initial Launch