Text Links

General Guidelines

Text Links can be used as a lightweight navigation option to guide users to related content.

When To Use:

  • Navigating to another page or location within the application.
  • Navigating away from the application, or to an external site.
  • Can be used on Emails and Phone Numbers to indicate interactivity.

When to Avoid:

  • Text Links should not be used to trigger an primary action, or change data on screen.
  • Should not be used in place of buttons.



  • Used near content to drive navigation.
  • Should be short and concise.
  • Can be paired with an icon. Icon can be right or left of the link, and the same color as text.
  • Should follow the rules of initial capitalization, with exception for proper nouns.
  • Some examples include: Breadcrumbs, Email to, Help Page Link.


  • Used within a sentence or paragraph for navigation to related content.
  • Should Be Limited in Size to a few words or less, and avoid line wrapping.
  • Should be used sparingly, to avoid poor readability.
  • Should follow the rules of sentence casing, with exception for proper nouns.