The panel should take up 100% of the height of its parent container. In most cases, that would be the viewport or main stage of your application.

Width, Structure and Form

Panels should reflect the same form and structure as modals. They also share the same width options as modals. Refer to the Modals component for details.


Right Side Panels

Use Right Panel when displaying actions that don't require content from the primary canvas.

Left Side Panels

Use Left Panel to display item details.


Panels have different sizes available to cater to different types of content that needs to be displayed. Below is a summary of the different sizes along with the additional classes that are applied to the <div class=modal-dialog> element.

Size Max. Width Code Differentiation
Standard 64rem/640px No Class Required
Small 48rem/480px modal-sm
Medium 76.8rem/768px modal-md
Large 96rem/960px modal-lg
Extra Large 120rem/1200px modal-xl